The Colonnades is a​​

 55+ community on South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, Florida

CMI Executive Committee Directors​

Meet our the new CMI Secretary - Debra Beech

This is one busy little lady!


In addition to participating in the Colonnades knitting club, Deb is also the Social Club Secretary as well as the Secretary for her association and now, the CMI Secretary.

Debra is married to Don Beech, another hard working volunteer here at the Colonnades.  Don played a huge role in bringing new life to the clubhouse as well as volunteering numerous hours to getting our docks back in place after the storms.

​​​Colonnades Condominiums​

"Mr. President"

Jim Stephens

CMI Executive Committee

CMI First Vice President - Rob Gerken

Tennis, fishing, volunteering to help with social events, Rob is a favorite here at the Colonnades.

Rob is married to his childhood sweetheart, Sue (we all think of her as a sweetheart too).  Sue is head of the clubhouse committee and is known for getting things done.

2024 Executive Committee Members 

President - Jim Stephens

1st Vice President - Rob Gerken

2nd Vice President - Tom Reabold

Treasurer -  Dan O'Brien

Secretary - Debra Beech

The "Luck of the Irish" is with the Colonnades community - we are so lucky to have Dan O'Brien as our CMI Treasurer

New York City born, northern New Jersey raised, the CMI "Mr. President" Jim Stephens is a former pharmacy owner in Jersey and now known around the Colonnades community as the 40,000+ steps a day walking man!

When not putting one foot in front of the other, Jim enjoys fishing, reading and golf, although he claims to be the world's worst!  (Tee time for Jim involves Lipton, lemon and one lump). 

He's been with his lovely wife, Ellen Van Howling for 48 years.  Ellen played a major role in the "new life makeover" of the Colonnades Clubhouse.

He's back for a third term.  

Does that make him Crazy ?

Possibly so.